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My Cancer Genome


My Cancer Genome is a precision cancer medicine knowledge resource for physicians, patients, caregivers and researchers.

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The membership of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center is composed of intense, interactive individuals dedicated to working together as a team to discover new approaches for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer.

Research Programs

Our research programs focus on the discovery of new approaches for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer. More than 300 members participate in our eight research programs. Some of these programs build on historical strengths at Vanderbilt such as the Signal Transduction and Chemical Biology Program, which reflects the legacy of Nobel Laureates Earl Sutherland and Stanley Cohen. Others represent new opportunities for discovery and development. All of the programs are very active, collaborative, and generate approximately $142 million in annual research support from public and private sources.

Pilot Funding

Pilot funding is provided by Vanderbilt-Ingram for exciting research initiatives by new or established faculty.

  • The American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant supports pilot research by new faculty who have not yet received major national funding.

  • The NCI Cancer Center Support Grant Pilot Project Program funds primarily collaborative projects from several different investigators with emphasis on cutting-edge basic science and translational research.

  • Pilot projects for research in gastrointestinal and breast cancer are supported by funds from the Vanderbilt-based SPOREs in Gastrointestinal and Breast Cancer.

  • Discovery Grants are awarded annually for proof-of-concept research performed by teams of investigators within the center.

Ongoing Philanthropic Support

Donor supported research is provided through the Frances Williams Preston Laboratories, the A.B. Hancock Jr. Memorial Laboratory for Cancer Research, the Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and Helen C. Kleberg Foundation, and the Ayers Institute.

  • The Preston Laboratories have accelerated the development of gene discovery at Vanderbilt and support basic and translational research in areas of breast, prostate, and lung cancer.

  • The Hancock Laboratory focuses on early diagnosis of cancer and mechanisms of carcinogenesis with recent emphasis on new drug development.

  • Funding for research initiatives in genetics, functional genomics, and proteomics is provided by the Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and Helen C. Kleberg Foundation.

  • The Jim Ayers Institute was established to implement new proteomic technologies for the early detection and prevention of cancer.

Shared Resources

Vanderbilt-Ingram supports a number of Shared Resources that provide investigators access to cutting-edge technologies that are impractical to set up in individual laboratories. In addition to providing VICC members access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and methodology, the Shared Resources facilitate technology transfer by holding workshops for members and other Vanderbilt faculty.

Seminars & Events

The VICC sponsors a very active Seminar Program including endowed lectures and minisymposia held throughout the year. Each academic year there is an Orrin Ingram Distinguished Lectureship series featuring 4 to 5 distinguished extramural investigators who present research discoveries that has been seminal to major advances in cancer diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and contribute to our understanding of the mechanisms of tumorigenesis. In addition, the VICC annual retreat brings together students, postdocs, fellows and principal investigators from all the VICC laboratories for a minisymposium, shared resource displays, and a poster session. Extramural scientists deliver lectures in the minisymposium and serve as judges for prizes given to students, postdocs, and fellows at the poster session.

For More Information...

This introduction cannot begin to convey the breadth and excitement of the research environment at Vanderbilt-Ingram. If you have any questions about our research programs, shared resources, current initiatives, and capabilities, or about becoming a member, please contact the director's office at (615) 936-1782.